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I apologize for not blogging in quite a while, or updating my events. There has been quite a bit going on in both family and professional life.....couldn't get a break. Now, I will get caught up as much as possible. With each event, Sinful by Jamie seems to increase in product sales, which is a good thing! I appreciate my customers, both new and repeat, that give my products a try. I do all of this for y'all!

I am constantly thinking of more products to introduce to my line. I seem to add at least 1 or 2 new items with each newest being biscotti. However, my expansion also leaves me really strapped as I am the only one working for me! I do hire individuals to help me sell at events if the events warrant it. Most I can handle myself. It's the baking of all the items in a timely manner to ensure freshness and quality that is the most challenging. So far, so good.

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